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GAN Australia launches its 2019 Policy Paper with key recommendations for Government to support outcome-focused vocational education and training

November 22nd, 2019|Categories: Media Releases, News Room|

Time to Get on With the Job: Australia's Leading Apprenticeship Network Reveals Pathways for Action After years of evidence gathering and reviews, GAN Australia’s Executive Director, Gary Workman says, “It is time for Australia to get on with the job.” “As the Federal Government invests over $525m into vocational education and training through the Skills Package, it is vital that our five recommendations are included in pathways of action, linking funding to sustainable, skilled employment outcomes for Australians and the economy.” GAN Australia’s recommendations will be submitted to the Government’s National Skills Commission co-design process, which closes for submissions 22 November 2019. [...]

GAN Australia Heads to Indonesia to Share Australia’s VET Experience to Help Build the Groundwork for Apprenticeship Program There

October 8th, 2019|Categories: Media Releases, News Room|

A robust talent pipeline insures against skills shortage 8 October 2019 –The Global Apprenticeship Network Australia (GAN)’s Executive Director, Gary Workman, is in Indonesia where he will speak at the 1st Indonesia Vocational Education & Training Summit (IVETS 2019) on Thursday.  With a focus on lessons learnt in Australia, Mr Workman’s speech is titled ‘Accelerating the Acquisition of Skills and Capabilities of All Segments of the Workforce to Build a Robust Talent Pipeline’.  The event is for key Indonesian industry players including policy makers, stakeholders and VET professionals to discuss and plan the future of Indonesia’s TVET.  The event is [...]

Apprenticeships Vacancy Rates are High As Businesses Prepare for 2020

October 8th, 2019|Categories: Media Releases, News Room|

GAN Launches it’s Apprenticeship Vacancy Index 8 October 2019 - The Global Apprenticeship Network Australia (GAN) today launched it’s Apprenticeship Vacancy Index (AVI), which will be updated throughout the year.  GAN’s AVI is designed to show overall job vacancies at a glance and allow users to drill down to specific numbers nationally and state by state as well as by job sector.  GAN plans to use the index to increase awareness around apprenticeships in Australia. Gary Workman, GAN Australia’s Executive Director said, “We asked business leaders at our first steering committee meeting last month why they think fewer youth are [...]

GAN Australia Announces $12,000 Apprentice Scholarship for International Travel and Study

October 7th, 2019|Categories: Media Releases, News Room|

Provides a superb opportunity to learn more about international apprenticeships and technology 07 October 2019 - The Global Apprenticeship Network Australia (GAN) today announced it will be giving away its first International Apprenticeship Scholarship worth up to $12,000 to an Australian apprentice.  Designed to provide Australian apprentices and trainees the opportunity to experience how apprenticeships and traineeships are delivered abroad, the scholarship will allow the recipient to investigate alternative technologies and work methods and compare their apprenticeship in a local context. GAN Australia Executive Director, Gary Workman, said, “We at GAN Australia are delighted to be able to offer this [...]

Industry Leaders Gather for the GAN Australia Inaugural Meeting

September 20th, 2019|Categories: News Room|

On Thursday this week, GAN Australia and the Apprenticeship Employment Network held their inaugural meeting where industry leaders representing large employers from the private sector, federal and state government, TAFE, group training and the not-for-profit sector gathered to discuss current issues and promote best practices on two complex issues that we face: Skills for Business - attracting and retaining staff is ever-challenging in today’s business environment. Jobs for Youth - at the same time, we have high youth unemployment in many pockets around Australia -  particularly within indigenous and culturally diverse communities. Meeting Highlights Best practice presentations [...]

Apprenticeship Employment Network and Global Apprenticeship Network Congratulate Senator The Hon Michaelia Cash and The Hon Steve Irons MP on their Cabinet Appointments

May 28th, 2019|Categories: Media Releases, News Room|

Looks forward to working together to create a strong VET program 27 May 2019 – Melbourne – Global Apprenticeship Network Australia (GAN Australia) and Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) has congratulated The Hon Dan Tehan MP on his reappointment as Education Minister and The Hon Steve Irons MP on his new appointment to the Cabinet as Assistant Minister for Vocational Education, Training and Apprenticeships. GAN and AEN look forward to continuing to work with Government to create a better VET model and to find ways to connect apprenticeships with education, helping to solve unemployment and skill shortages issues. Gary Workman CEO [...]

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