Time to Get on With the Job: Australia’s Leading Apprenticeship Network Reveals Pathways for Action

After years of evidence gathering and reviews, GAN Australia’s Executive Director, Gary Workman says, “It is time for Australia to get on with the job.”

“As the Federal Government invests over $525m into vocational education and training through the Skills Package, it is vital that our five recommendations are included in pathways of action, linking funding to sustainable, skilled employment outcomes for Australians and the economy.”

GAN Australia’s recommendations will be submitted to the Government’s National Skills Commission co-design process, which closes for submissions 22 November 2019.

“The National Skills Commission will be an important driver for action, and we would like to see a number of issues in the VET sector addressed, including unequal Government funding at state and federal levels, slow delivery of training programs and complex administrative arrangements for providers and job-seekers,” Gary Workman said.

“Work readiness and a thriving economy go hand-in-hand when skills and shortages are matched effectively. From disadvantaged job-seekers to school-leavers, we are working to see Australians equipped with relevant qualifications for industries now and into the future.”


  1. Target government resources to in-school programs for greatest impact
  2. Governments should provide fully funded training only when linked directly to new employment outcomes
  3. Take advantage of the successful Multi-Industry Pre-apprenticeship program to deliver better careers advice and clearer secondary school pathways
  4. Use experienced GTOs to invest early to create the best outcomes for disadvantaged Australians
  5. Utilising the national group training network to support small/medium businesses

GAN Australia’s full Policy Paper can be found here.

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